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In order to understand our rationale here at ABACUS, we need to go back to the start…

Our history

By 2011, our company- Barker’s Furniture, Sheffield- had notched up a tidy £15,000 spend on web design…but we were still left disappointed.

We were sure we had covered all bases and on paper, it all looked great but all too soon, reality hit. Site content was out of date almost immediately, prices could not be updated at speed or failed to match in-store pricing and trying to add new products was over-complicated and labour intensive. To address these short-comings came with a bulky price tag…

What Next?

We know our site wasn’t working. We could see it was actually putting customers off- we\’d had to remove all prices from the site simply because we couldn’t update them efficiently and the result was that potential buyers assumed we were too costly. After many meetings, thrashing out potential solutions and discussing where to go next, we realised that the only way to create the kind of site we knew we needed, was to create it ourselves.

So, that’s what we did. We refined our skills. We researched. We recruited. We worked.

We got it right.

Our Story Continues…

So, we had a website that worked. Over a period of about three years, we refined what we had and developed our skills. We could see results.

At this point, we decided to take what we had devised to other retailers, knowing that our design would enhance their web presence. Our admin panel is designed for any sales person to use, regardless of experience with technology. When your images and prices are inputed, the results are three-fold and you generate: a webpage for that specific range; a price ticket for the individual items; a brochure page. Easy as that!

Why choose ABACUS?

With ABACUS, we understand that you need to be able to manage your site yourself. Banners, images, meta titles and descriptions- the list goes on- can all be edited by you. If you want to alter your store opening times or edit your history, no problem. If you want to create swatches, again no problem. All products can be de-branded as you wish and, as with everything else, this is easy to negotiate. We have made sure all bases are covered and, obviously, the site resizes according to device. We are confident we have a product worth marketing and the proof is there- our turnover went up by 12% in the first year since launching the site and continues to improve. Our site drives customers through our doors, but in addition, ecommerce results are good. Killing two birds with one skilfully-crafted stone!
And finally…
Here at ABACUS, we love designing websites. We love seeing results and a carefully constructed end product. We love working with like-minded retailers and their testimonies speak volumes- have a look at what Beever’s and Edmundson’s have to say about us.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Neil Barker
ABACUS Furniture Solutions
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