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02nd Oct 2021
Abacus Solutions - What Is Our USP? What Makes Working With Us Different?
Abacus Solutions offer furniture retail websites designed by a current furniture retailer. This means we know our industry and we care about that industry. Read on to see what makes us a cut above the crowd, whilst always ensuring that the value of independent furniture retail remains at our core.
USP 1 - Refined Price Updater

Our PRICE UPDATER has been refined over 3 years through countless ticket changes. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the process is as simple and stress-free as we can make it, saving time for both you and your team. Doing your website PRICING couldn't be easier.
USP 2- Accessible Admin Panel

Our ADMIN PANEL will let you change everything & anything. It is designed to be accessible to even the least tech-savvy member of your outfit. We hold nothing back and guarantee NO STEALTH CHARGES.
USP 3- Competitive Support Package

Our MAINTENANCE, UPDATES & SUPPORT (MUS) package is ultra competitive. For a highly reasonable monthly fee, you will access all updates AND be entitled to the support and input you require to ensure your site works for you.
USP 4- Constant Evolution

We regularly spend 100 HOURS BUILDING & IMPROVING our sites each and every month. All adjustments made are with the sole goal of encouraging maximum flow to your site, regardless of browser or device. We do not stand still nor do we coast.
Abacus Solutions are confident that everything we offer is either significantly better than other furniture web design packages out there. The difference comes from our insider knowledge of the industry and our commitment to ensuring independent furniture retail continues to grow. We can help you compete with the multi-national giants who would otherwise dominate our market. Contact us and get your new website underway!
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